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Cantilever Umbrella Non Collapsible

Cantilever Umbrella - Non Collapsible Giant Umbrella


All umbrellas supplied by Sail City are cantilever.

A cantilever umbrella has the support post offset to the side of one edge, allowing an unimpeded space under the canopy.

Sail City offers 3 different styles of cantilever umbrellas:

  Cantilever Umbrella Non Collapsible Alfresco


Alfresco Model

This is our extremely heavy duty commercial model suitable for markets, cafes, public open spaces, sporting arenas, carports, pools, schools and child care centres.   

It has, however, also been installed in many domestic applications.

View our video showing Features of the Alfresco Model.


1. Heavy duty steel (highest quality) frame which is hot dipped galvanised.  All other steel components are electroplated to prevent rust.

There are no support wires leaving a clean, elegant shape.

Frame is available in a wide range of powdercoated colours.


2. Size is 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres widths.  

Alfresco umbrellas can be linked together, either with a soft gutter or by mechanically locking the arms or frames and making a common canopy wih multiple peaks.


3. Umbrella is 'fix and forget' design ie fully opened at all times.


4. Canopy is PVC which is weather proof and long lasting.

Available in Ferrari and Naizil with a large range of colours.


5. Wind rating of W41 is to 148 kph, and can be manufactured to W56 ie 200 kph.


6. 100% Australian made.  This umbrella is manufactured in Australia.

It is an extremely heavy duty umbrella and must be securely fixed in a permanent position by the installer.


Cantilever Umbrella Non Collapsible Alfresco

Cantilever Umbrella Non Collapsible Alfresco

Cantilever Umbrella Non Collapsible Alfresco