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About Sail City

Established and reputable

Sail City has been manufacturing and installing shade sails in Perth since 2003.

We are the largest residential shade sail company in WA and have a solid reputation in the industry.


Provide a complete service

Sail City offers a complete service from concept through to project completion.

Our consultants provide considered, thorough, innovative and practical advice to suit any application.

Sail City was awarded nationally by the Specialised Textile Association for our shade sails in 2017, 2013, 2010 and 2009.


Size of our projects

We build shade sails to cover large or small areas like carports, pools, playgrounds, balconies, walkways, gardens, car parking areas, pergolas, shopping centre car parks, mine sites, cattle yards or other outdoor structures.

We manufacture for commercial and residential applications.



Our business has been built on reputation, experience, innovation and quality.

Referrals and ongoing business from WA’s residential, business and public sectors prove the quality of our work.

Our clients include:

  • Private individuals in Perth, the South West and North West WA   
  • Government schools 
  • Private schools
  • Early childhood centres
  • Hospitals
  • Local councils
  • Large construction companies in Perth and regional centres
  • Building companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Mining companies in the East and North West of WA
  • Other companies   
  • Practically anywhere shade is required.  

Two Hyper residential shade sails

Sail City Consultants Stuart, David, Michael, Ben.

Flat carport shade sail using wall mounts and posts.

Hyper shade sail as carport

Shade Sail over structure. Entrance to public swimming pool.



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If you are looking for Shade sail parts check out www.shadesailparts.com.au