Dianella Pool Shade Sail Before and After
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Dianella Pool Shade Sail Before and After

Pool Shade Sail Winner in Dianella

The client wanted to have greater use of the pool during the day and to ensure the young children could go swimming at the hottest part of the day – around midday to 2pm.

Generally the children were only able to go in the pool for 20min with sunscreen and rashy top during these times. Also for the shade sail to provide some shade over the paving for an adult to be able to relax by the pool while supervising the children. Laguna blue was selected as it complemented the semi Spanish style white wash walls and the colour of the pool itself.

White posts were installed to match the fence colour.

Now the pool can be used for greater periods of time, provide sun protection for the children family and friends.

It has had a side benefit of reducing the glare and keeping the paving under the sail cool to allow barefoot walking in the area.


Before the sunshade. Too Bright

Now with a Sail City Shade Sail. You can get out of the brightness if you want to.

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