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HVG stock in Perth is currently limited.  While some of these colours are available, you will need to check with us before choosing a colour.

For more information on these fabrics, visit HVG Fabric Website.


HVG Purple

94% UV Filter/88% Shade Factor


HVG Yellow

95% UV Filter/75% Shade Factor

True Blue

HVG True Blue

97% UV Filter/95% Shade Factor


HVG Carnival

97% UV Filter886% Shade Factor


 HVG Cream

95% UV Filter/81% Shade Factor


HVG Beige

95% UV Filter/87% Shade Factor


HVG Latte

96% UV Filter/80% Shade Factor


HVG Sunblaze

98% UV Filter/95% Shade Factor


HVG Silver

97% UV Filter/98% Shade Factor


HVG Charcoal

96% UV Filter/92% Shade Factor

Navy Blue

HVG Navy Blue

97% UVFilter/95% ShadeFactor

Forest Green

HVG Forest Green

96% UV Filter/93% Shade Factor


HVG Midnigh

98% UV Filter/97% Shade Factor

Mint Green

HVG Mint Green

95% UV Filter/93% Shade Factor


HVG Lime

91% UV Filter/86% Shade Factor